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Hybrid platinum nanoparticle ensemble for the electrocatalytic oxidation of H2O2: Toward nanostructured biosensor design
Challier L., Gal F., Carrot G., Perez H., Noel V.
Electrochemistry Communications 28 (2013) 118-121 [hal-00955751 - version 1]
Nitrogen patterns in subsurface waters of the Yzeron stream: effect of combined sewer overflows and subsurface-surface water mixing
Aucour A.M., Bariac T., Breil P., Namour P., Schmitt L., Gnouma R., Zuddas P.
Water Science and Technology 68, 12 (2013) 2632-2637 [hal-00954690 - version 1]
Synchrotron X-ray imaging for crystal growth studies
Baruchel J., Di Michiel M., Lafford T., Lhuissier P., Meyssonnier J., Henri N.T., Philip A., Pernot P., Salvo L., Scheel M.
Comptes Rendus Physique 14, 2-3 (2013) 208-220 [hal-00925853 - version 1]
Nitrogen changes between rural and peri-urban stream subsurface waters (Yzeron stream, France)
Aucour A. M., Bariac T., Breil P., Namour P., Schmitt L., Sebilo M., Zuddas P.
Dans Procedia Earth and Planetary Science - 14th international symposium on water-rock interaction (WRI 14), France (2013) [hal-00917082 - version 1]
Péron O., Razafindratsima S., Piscitelli A., Gégout C., Schneider V., Barbecot F., Giffaut E., Montavon G.
MIGRATION 2013, Royaume-Uni (2013) [in2p3-00911305 - version 1]
fulltext access Role of bacteria on the release of cesium from illite
Hazotte A., Lebeau T., Péron O., Saito T., Abdelouas A.
Goldschmidt 2013, Italie (2013) [in2p3-00911323 - version 1]
Bottom-up solution chemistry approaches for nanostructured thermolectric materials
Benoit R., Hornebecq V., Weill F., Lecren L., Bourrat X., Treguer-Delapierre M.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A : Materials for Energy and Sustainability 1, 45 (2013) 14221-14226 [hal-00880782 - version 1]
Exposure to cerium dioxide nanoparticles differently affect swimming performance and survival in two daphnid species.
ARTELLS E., ISSARTEL J., Auffan M., Borschneck D., Thill A., Tella M., BROUSSET L., Rose J., Bottero J.-Y., THIERY A.
PLoS ONE 8, 8 (2013) e71260 [hal-00857477 - version 1]
Microstructural void environment characterization by electron imaging in 45 nm technology node to link electromigration and copper microstructure
Galand R., Brunetti G., Arnaud L., Rouviere J.L., Clement L., Waltz P., Wouters Y.
Microelectronic Engineering 106 (2013) 168-171 [hal-00850231 - version 1]
Effectiveness of wafer level test for electromigration wear out reporting in advanced CMOS interconnects reliability assessment
Bana F., Petitprez E., Ney D., Arnaud L., Wouters Y.
Microelectronic Engineering 106 (2013) 195-199 [hal-00850229 - version 1]