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Temperature-dependent photoabsorption cross-section of cyano-diacetylene in the vacuum UV
Fray N., Bénilan Y., Gazeau M.-C., Jolly A., Schwell M., Arzoumanian E., Ferradaz T., Es-sebbar E., Guillemin J.-C.
Journal of Geophysical Research Planets 115 (2010) E06010-E06015 [hal-00757248 - version 1]
The structure of crystals, glasses and melts along the CaO-Al2O3 join: Results from Raman, Al L- and K- edge X-ray absorption, and 27Al NMR spectroscopy.
Neuville D.R., Henderson G.S., Cormier L., Massiot D.
American Mineralogist 95 (2010) 1590-1589 [hal-00608509 - version 1]
Biocompatible and stable ZnO quantum dots generated by functionalization with siloxane-core PAMAM dendrons
Moussodia R.O., Balan L., Merlin C., Mustin C., Schneider R.
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20, 6 (2010) 1147-1155 [hal-00599116 - version 1]
Improvement in mechanical properties of a Zr-Based bulk metallic glass by laser surface treatment.
Chen B., Pang S., Li Y., Yavari A.R., Vaughan G., Zhang T.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 504 supplement 1 (2010) S45-S47 [hal-00581481 - version 1]
Pressure Dependence of Iso-Propyl Nitrate Formation in the i-C3H7O2 + NO Reaction
Butkovskaya N.I., Kukui A., Le Bras G.
Zeitschrift fuer Physikalische Chemie 224, 7-8 (2010) 1025-1038 [hal-00574579 - version 1]
Infrared study of astrophysical ice analogues irradiated by swift nickel ions
Domaracka A., Seperuelo Duarte E., Boduch P., Rothard H., Ramillon J.-M., Dartois E., Pilling S., Farenzena L.S., Da Silveira E. F.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 268 (2010) 2960-2963 [hal-00512143 - version 1]
Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre
Dubernet M.-L., Boudon V., Culhane J.L., Dimitrijevic M.S., Fazliev A.Z., Joblin C., Kupka F., Leto G., Le Sidaner P., Loboda P.A. et al
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 111 (2010) 2265-2278 [hal-00502186 - version 1]
Doping properties of PEDOT films electrosynthesized under high frequency ulutrasound irradiation
Et Taouil A., Lallemand F., Hihn J. Y., Melot J., Blondeau-Patissier V., Lakard B.
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry (2010) ULTSON-D-09-00344R2 [hal-00480640 - version 1]
Irradiation effects in CO and CO2 ices induced by swift heavy Ni ions at 46 MeV and 537 MeV
Domaracka A., Seperuelo Duarte E., Boduch P., Rothard H., Balanzat E., Dartois E., Pilling S., Farenzena L.S., Da Silveira E. F.
Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union 5 (2010) 428-429 / Symposium S265 - Chemical abundances in the Universe - connecting First Stars to Planets, France (2009) [hal-00480203 - version 1]
Enhancing effect of dimethylamine in sulfuric acid nucleation in the presence of water - a computational study
Loukonen V., Kurtén T., K. Ortega I., Vehkamaki H., Padua A. A. H., Sellegri K., Kulmala M.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10 (2010) 4961-4974 [hal-00479686 - version 1]