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Mono-deuterated dimethyl ether: laboratory spectrum up to 1 THz: torsion-rotational spectrum within the vibrational ground-state for the symmetric and asymmetric conformers and first detection in IRAS 16293-2422
Richard C., Margulès L., Caux E., Kahane C., Ceccarrelli C., Guillemin J.-C., Motiyenko R. A., Vastel C., Groner P.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 552, 2 (2013) A117/1-A117/10 [hal-00952115 - version 1]
Encapsulation of contrast imaging agents by polypropyleneimine-based dendrimers.
Balieu S., Cadiou C., Martinez A., Nuzillard J.-M., Oudart J.-B., Maquart F.-X., Chuburu F., Bouquillon S.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 101, 3 (2013) 613-21 [hal-00996947 - version 1]
Potential impact of microbial activity on the oxidant capacity and organic carbon budget in clouds
VAITILINGOM M., Deguillaume L., Vinatier V., Sancelme M., Amato P., Chaumerliac N., Delort A.M.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110, 2 (2013) 559-564 [hal-00776450 - version 1]
Archean granitoid-Paleoproterozoic unconformity: superimposition of alterations in Archean granitoid (Gabon)
Mouele I.M., Dudoignon P., El Albani A., Martin H., Paquette J.-L., Cuney M., Gauthier-Lafaye F.
Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 7 (2013) 598-601 [hal-00937610 - version 1]
A dual flowing continuum approach to model denitrification experiments in porous media colonized by biofilms
Delay F., Porel G., Chatelier M.
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 150 (2013) 12-24 [hal-00918441 - version 1]
Ligand controlled orthogonal base-assisted direct C-H bond arylation in oxa(thia)zole-4-carboxylate series. New insights in nCMD mechanism
Théveau L., Querolle O., Dupas G., Hoareau C.
Tetrahedron (2013) 4375-4380 [hal-01015588 - version 1]
DMAP-catalyzed Regel-type direct C-2 (hetero)aroylation of oxazoles and thiazoles derivatives with acid chlorides
Lassalas P., Marsais F., Hoareau C.
SYNLETT (2013) 2233-2240 [hal-01015437 - version 1]
The Hauterivian-Barremian lignitic bone bed of Angeac (Charente, south-west France): stratigraphical, palaeobiological and palaeogeographical implications
Néraudeau D., Allain R., Ballevre M., Batten D. J., Buffetaut E., Colin J.P., Dabard M.P., Daviero-Gomez V., El Albani A., Gómez B. et al
Cretaceous Research 37 (2012) 1-14 [hal-00835453 - version 1]
Oxygen dynamics in the aftermath of the Great Oxidation of Earth's atmosphere
Canfield D.E., Ngombi-Pemba L., Hammarlund E.U., Bengtson S., Chaussidon M., Gauthier-Lafaye F., Meunier A., Riboulleau A., Rollion-Bard C., Rouxel O. et al
proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 42 (2012) 16736-16741 [hal-00965570 - version 1]
Frequency and intensity analyses of the far infrared ν5 band system of cyanogen (C2N2) and applications to Titan
Fayt A., Jolly A., Bénilan Y., Manceron L., Kwabia-Tchana F., Guillemin J.-C.
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 113, 11 (2012) 1195-1219 [hal-00904741 - version 1]