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Synchrotron X-ray imaging for crystal growth studies
Baruchel J., Di Michiel M., Lafford T., Lhuissier P., Meyssonnier J., Henri N.T., Philip A., Pernot P., Salvo L., Scheel M.
Comptes Rendus Physique 14, 2 (2013) 208-220 [hal-00838956 - version 1]
Growth and spectroscopic properties of 6Li- and 10B enriched crystals for heat-scintillation cryogenic bolometers used in the rare events searches
Belhoucif R., Velázquez M., Petit Y., Pérez O., Glorieux B., Oudomsack V., De Marcillac P., Coron N., Torres L., Véron E. et al
CrystEngComm 15, 19 (2013) 3785-3792 [hal-00826428 - version 1]
fulltext access Sequential precipitation of a new goethite-calcite nanocomposite and its possible application in the removal of toxic ions from polluted water
Montes-Hernandez G., Renard F., Chiriac R., Findling N., Ghanbaja J., Toche F.
Chemical Engineering Journal 214 (2013) 139-148 [insu-00749245 - version 1]
fulltext access Rapid precipitation of magnesite micro-crystals from Mg(OH)2-H2O-CO2 slurry enhanced by NaOH and a heat-ageing step (from 20 to 90°C)
Montes-Hernandez G., Renard F., Chiriac R., Findling N., Toche F.
Crystal Growth & Design 12, 11 (2012) 5233-5240 [insu-00749133 - version 1]
Doping influence on the stability of YMnO3 orthorhombic perovskite obtained by mechanosynthesis
Moure A., Hungría T., Castro A., Galy C., Peña O., Tartaj J., Moure C.
Materials Chemistry and Physics 133, 2-3 (2012) 764-771 [hal-00816009 - version 1]
Interplay between non-bridging oxygen, triclusters, and fivefold Al coordination in low silica content calcium aluminosilicate melts.
Jakse N., Bouhadja M., Kozaily J., Drewitt J., Hennet L., Neuville D.R., Fischer H.E., Cristiglio V., Pasturel A.
Applied Physics Letters 101, 20 (2012) . [hal-00781283 - version 1]
How to obtain reliable structural characterization of polished graphitized carbons by Raman microspectrometry
Ammar M.R., Rouzaud J.N.
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 43 (2012) 207-211 [hal-00752438 - version 1]
Determination of crystallite size in polished graphitized carbon by Raman spectroscopy
Maslova O., Ammar M.R., Guimbretière G., Rouzaud J.N., Simon P.
Physical Review B 86 (2012) 134205-1-5 [hal-00751864 - version 1]
Structural Characterization of Graphitized Carbon Matter by Raman Spectroscopy: Effect of Polishing
Ammar M.R., Maslova O., Rouzaud J.N., Guimbretiere G., Canizares A., Simon P.
Dans The annual World Congres on Carbon - Carbon2012 - Carbon 2012, Pologne (2012) [hal-00751860 - version 1]
Analyse multivariée d'une cartographie raman: étude d'un échantillon de carbure de silicium irradié par des ions Au6+
Guimbretiere G., Aubailly S., Simon P., Dudok De Wit T.
Annales de Chimie - Science des Matériaux 37 (2012) 21-29 [hal-00750920 - version 1]