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fulltext access Redox control of sulfur degassing in silicic magmas
Scaillet B., Clémente B., Evans B. W., Pichavant M.
Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth 103, B10 (1998) 23,937-23,949 [insu-00717692 - version 1]
fulltext access Phase equilibrium constraints on the viscosity of silicic magmas 1. Volcanic-plutonic comparison
Scaillet B., François H., Pichavant M.
Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth 103, B11 (1998) 27,257-27,266 [insu-00717688 - version 1]
Magma storage conditions and control of eruption regime in silicic volcanoes: experimental evidence from Mt. Pelée
Martel C., Pichavant M., Bourdier J.-L., Traineau H., Holtz F., Scaillet B.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 156, 1-2 (1998) 89-99 [insu-00689030 - version 1]
Elemental fractionation in composite spinel lherzolites from Massif Central (France). Constraints on possible link between cryptic and modal metasomatism
Wagner C., Deloule E., Chazot G., Vilminot J.C.
Goldschmidt Conference 1998, France (1998) [hal-00681455 - version 1]
Methods for computing the internal flattening, with applications to the Earth's structure and geodynamics
Denis C., Amalvict M., Rogister Y., Tomecka-Suchon S.
Geophysical Journal International 132 (1998) 603-642 [insu-00675754 - version 1]
fulltext access Imaging of firn and bubbly ice in coaxial reflected light: a new technique for the characterization of these porous media
Arnaud L., Gay M., Barnola J.-M., Duval P.
Journal of Glaciology 44, 147 (1998) pp.326-332 [hal-00645895 - version 1]
Heat flow and thickness of the lithosphere in the Canadian Shield
Jaupart C., Mareschal J.-C., Guillou-Frottier L., Davaille A.
Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth 103 (1998) 15269-15286 [hal-00562366 - version 1]
Glaciochemistry of polar ice cores: a review
Legrand M., Chappellaz J.
Dans Advanced study course on tropospheric chemistry and space observation (1998) 233-238 [insu-00502145 - version 1]
Ice-core record of atmospheric methane changes: relevance to climatic changes and possible gas hydrate sources
Raynaud D., Chappellaz J., Blunier T.
Dans Gas Hydrates: Relevance to World Margin Stability and Climate Change (1998) vol. 137, 327-331 [insu-00502127 - version 1]
Hybrid numerical modelling of T-waves propagation: application to the Midplate experiment
Piserchia P.-F., Virieux J., Rodrigues D., Gaffet S., Talandier J.
Geophysical Journal International 133 (1998) 789-800 [hal-00497731 - version 1]