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Monitoring of Tectonic Deformation by Mining Satellite Image Time Series
Rigotti C., Méger N., Pothier C., Jolivet R., Lasserre C.
Dans In Proc. of the 19th National Conference Reconnaissance de Formes et Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA'14) - Reconnaissance de Formes et Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA'14), France (2014) [hal-00995714 - version 1]
fulltext access Stochastic Approach in Wet Snow Detection Using Multitemporal SAR Data
Besic N., Vasile G., Dedieu J.-P., Chanussot J., Stankovic S.
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 12, 2 (2015) 244-248 [hal-01023156 - version 1]
Discovery of Messinian canyons and new seismic stratigraphic model, offshore Provence (SE France): Implications for the hydrographic network reconstruction
Tassy A., Fournier F., Munch P., Borgomano J., Thinon I., Fabri M.-C., Rabineau M., Arfib B., Begot J., Beslier M.-O. et al
Marine and Petroleum Geology 57 (2014) 25-50 [insu-01009592 - version 1]
First Searches for Optical Counterparts to Gravitational-wave Candidate Events,
Aasi J., Abadie J., Abbott B.P., Laas-Bourez M.
First Searches for Optical Counterparts to Gravitational-wave Candidate Events 211, 1 (2014) 7 [hal-00996391 - version 1]
Characterization and origin of permeability-porosity heterogeneity in shallow-marine carbonates: from core scale to 3D reservoir dimension (Middle Jurassic, Paris Basin, France).
Brigaud B., Vincent B., Durlet C., Deconinck J.-F., Jobard E., Pickard N., Yven B., Landrein P.
Marine and Petroleum Geology 57 (2014) 631-651 [hal-01056278 - version 1]
Image-based correlation of Laser Scanning point cloud time series for landslide monitoring
Travelletti J., Malet J.-P., Delacourt C.
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 32 (2014) 1-18 [insu-01005927 - version 1]
Late Pleistocene to Mid Holocene landscape reconstruction in the western part of the Thessaloniki Plain (Greece): evidence for environmental changes, and their consequences for the settlement history
Psomiadis D., GHILARDI M., DEMORY F., SABATIER D., Bloemendal J., Yiu C.
Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie 58, 2 (2014) 67-87 [hal-00959459 - version 1]
Lithospheric origin for Neogene-Quaternary Middle Atlas lavas (Morocco): Clues from trace elements and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotopes
Bosch D., Maury R. C., El Azzouzi M., Bollinger C., Bellon H., Verdoux P.
Lithos 205 (2014) 247-265 [insu-01056523 - version 1]
Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Lokichar Basin (Kenya)
Neumaier M., Tiercelin J.-J., Nalpas T., Mouli Castillo J.
AAPG International Conference and Exhibition: The Spirit Between Continents: Energy Geosciences in a Changing World, Turquie (2014) [insu-00952200 - version 1]
Raman-in-SEM studies of inorganic materials
Wille G., Bourrat X., Maubec N., Guégan R., Lahfid A.
Dans Spectroscopic Properties of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds : Volume 45 (2014) 79-116 [hal-01023680 - version 1]