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International Journal of Remote Sensing 33, 21 (2012) 6904-6926
Climatic and demographic determinants of vegetation cover in northern Cameroon
Viviane Djoufack ( ) 1, 2, Bernard Fontaine 1, Nadège Martiny 1, Maurice Tsaléfac 2

The objective of the study was to evaluate spatio-temporal impacts of the seasonal rainfall and the urban population growth on NDVI variations in the North-Cameroon which includes from south to north, Sudanese and Sahelian climates. To this end, 48 points of measured rainfall were interpolated based on the kriging method at a spatial resolution of 8km in accordance with the NOAA-AVHRR NDVI dataset. Relationships between rainfall and NDVI, on the one hand, and urban population growth and NDVI on the other hand, were analyzed considering the 79 Administrative Units (AU) in Cameroon. Seasonal (rainy season) variations of the vegetation cover were studied for the period 1987-2002 using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) product at 8-Km (NOAA-AVHRR) and 1-Km (SPOT-VEGETATION) of spatial resolution. The paper emphasized the importance of the urban signal for the NDVI studies at finer scales specifically in tropical areas.
1 :  Centre de Recherches de Climatologie (CRC)
CNRS : UMR5210 – Université de Bourgogne
2 :  FALSH Département de Géographie
Université de Yaoundé
Planète et Univers/Sciences de la Terre/Climatologie

Sciences de l'environnement/Milieux et Changements globaux
urban population growth – northern Cameroon – vegetation – rainfall – NDVI