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Climate adjustments over the African-Indian monsoon regions accompanying Mediterranean Sea thermal variability
Fontaine B., Monerie P.-A., Gaetani M., Roucou P.
Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres (2011) JD016273R [hal-00629606 - version 1]
fulltext access How could hydro-climatic conditions evolve in the long term in West Africa? The case study of the Bani River catchment
Ruelland D., Ardoin-Bardin S., Collet L., Roucou P.
In Hydro-climatology: Variability and Change proceedings of symposium J-H02 IUGG2011 - Hydro-climatology: Variability and Change, Australia (2011) [hal-00604092 - version 1]
fulltext access Weather Regimes in the Euro-Atlantic and Mediterranean sector and relationship with West African rainfall over the period 1989-2008 from a Self-Organizing Maps Approach
Polo I., Ullmann A., Roucou P., Fontaine B.
Journal of Climate 24, 13 (2011) pp. 3423-3432 [hal-00557949 - version 1]
Quantifying internal variability in a regional climate model: A case study for Southern Africa
Crétat J., Macron C., Pohl B., Richard Y.
Climate Dynamics 37 (2011) 1335-1356 [hal-00557025 - version 1]
fulltext access Changes in the African monsoon region at medium-term time horizon using 12 AR4 coupled models under the A1b emissions scenario.
Fontaine B., Roucou P., Monerie P.-A.
Atmospheric Science Letters 12, 1 (2011) 83-88 [hal-00463573 - version 1]
fulltext access Recent changes in precipitation, ITCZ convection and northern tropical circulation over North Africa (1979-2007)
Fontaine B., Roucou P., Gaetani M., Marteau R.
International Journal of Climatology 31 (2011) 633-648, DOI: 10.1002/joc.2108 [hal-00414681 - version 1]
The onset of the rainy season and farmers' sowing strategy for pearl millet cultivation in Southwest Niger
Marteau R., Sultan B., Moron V., Alhassane A., Traore S. B., Baron C.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2011.05.018. 151 (2011) 1356-1369 [hal-00551984 - version 1]
The large-scale water cycle of the West African monsoon
Bock O., Guichard F., Meynadier R., Gervois S., Agustí-Panareda A., Beljaars A., Boone A., Nuret M., Redelsperger J.-L., Roucou P.
Atmospheric Science Letters 12, 1 (2011) 51-57 [hal-00548132 - version 1]
Intraseasonal variability of the West African monsoon
Janicot S., Caniaux G., Chauvin F., De Coëtlogon G., Fontaine B., Hall N. M.J., Kiladis G., Lafore J.-P., Lavaysse C., Lavender S.L. et al
Atmospheric Science Letters 12, 1 (2011) 58-66 [hal-00548109 - version 1]
New Perspectives on Land-Atmosphere Feedbacks from the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA)
Taylor C. M., Parker D. J., Kalthoff N., Gaertner M. A., Philippon N., Bastin S., Harris P. P., Boone A., Guichard F., Agusti-Panareda A. et al
Atmospheric Science Letters 12, 1 (2011) 38-44 [hal-00546971 - version 1]