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Exploitation of traffic counting data for traffic study in urban areas: from traffic assignment to simulation model validation
Emery J., Boyard-Micheau J., Marilleau N., Martiny N., Thévenin T.
18th European Colloquium in Theoretical and Quantitative Geography (ECTQG), France (2013) [hal-00881294 - version 1]
The role of the subtropical and equatorial forcing in the development of the Atlantic Niños after 1970s.
Martín-Rey M., Rodríguez-Fonseca B., Polo I., Lazar A.
EGU General Assembly 2013 15 (2013) 894 [hal-00873733 - version 1]
Tropical-temperate interactions over Southern Africa simulated by a regional climate model
Vigaud N., Pohl B., Crétat J.
Climate Dynamics 39 (2012) 2895-2916 [hal-00643119 - version 1]
Burgundy regional climate change and its potential impact on grapevines.
Xu Y., Castel T., Richard Y., Cuccia C., Bois B.
Climate Dynamics 39, 7-8 (2012) 1613-1626 [hal-00750390 - version 1]
fulltext access Date de semis du mil et variabilité intrasaisonnière des précipitations au Niger
Marteau R.
Image du Mois, Mappemonde (2012) [hal-00724274 - version 1]
The Southern Annular Mode seen through weather regimes
Pohl B., Fauchereau N.
Journal of Climate 25, 9 (2012) 3336-3354 [hal-00643116 - version 1]
Climate-related activities within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.
Shongwe M.E., Rouault M., Hewitson B.C., Garanganga B.J., Beraki A., Ntsangwane L.N., Behera S., Pohl B.
CLIVAR Exchanges 17, 3 (2012) 22-25 [hal-00745079 - version 1]
Climatic gradients along the windward slopes of Mount Kenya and their implication for crop risks. Part 1: climate variability
Camberlin P., Boyard-Micheau J., Philippon N., Baron C., Leclerc C., Mwongera C.
International Journal of Climatology (2012) DOI: 10.1002/joc.3427 [hal-00693335 - version 1]
Impact de la variabilité climatique et du barrage de Nangbéto sur l'hydrologie du système Mono-Couffo (Afrique de l'Ouest)
Amoussou E., Camberlin P., Mahé G.
Hydrological Sciences Journal (2012) DOI:10.1080/02626667.2011.643799 [hal-00693325 - version 1]
Climatic and demographic determinants of vegetation cover in northern Cameroon
Djoufack V., Fontaine B., Martiny N., Tsaléfac M.
International Journal of Remote Sensing 33, 21 (2012) 6904-6926 [hal-00690352 - version 1]